The Talent Stock Elite Training Program (TSET)...
was created for goal-oriented athletes or even weekend warriors who want to gain an edge on the competition. During the course of the program clients will learn and take part in the essential key points which are listed below that will help them build a strong mind and body allowing them to excel as leaders in both life and on the playing fields.   

Strength Training
Will help improve your mobility, stability and symmetry across general and specific movement patterns. Strength with speed, better known as power, is what we are really after in the world of sports. Weight training is a means to becoming stronger and more powerful. It is also a means to improve balance and joint function.

Plyometric Training & Cardiovascular Conditioning
Plyometric Training also known as Jump Training, must include a balance of exercises - a mix of jumps, hops and bounds. In addition, hops must be done both anterior-posterior and side-to-side. It is a reactive training technique that improves speed, explosiveness and vertical jump. Our Cardiovascular Conditioning section of the program consists of long distance running, sprints, interval training and our effective zone training techniques.

Core Training
Is the foundation of building your pillar of strength. Balance and stabilization are interrelated and important in any training program. The core refers to the midsection of the body from hips to shoulders and is the basis for all movement. Core exercises will be used to create harmony through balance and stabilization. This will enhance functional movements in sport and exercise and is important in everyday life to help improve coordination and prevent injuries.

Medicine Ball Training
Is one of the most diverse methods of training for any fitness or performance component. It has come to the forefront as one of the most popular training tools in the fitness industry. Medicine balls are an excellent functional training tool that allows us to more closely train the movements we are trying to enhance. Medicine balls can be used to add resistance to any movement.

Speed Specific Strength & Power Training
Will strengthen specific muscle groups needed for speed. The dynamic stabilizers (small muscles that give joints stability during movement) of the ankle, knee, hip and spine are a primary focus of training in this phase. You will learn proper speed and form dynamics.

High Performance Nutrition
Is the key to success in any athletic program. Get on the right track with a customized nutrition plan, starting with our comprehensive questionnaire and professional advice.

Speed & Agility
The Speed & Agility section of the program is to sharpen our clients abilities through improving their quickness and balance. This is the new wave of sport specific training proven to produce results with elite athletes performing at all levels.

The Talent Stock Elite Training Program is offered as a 1 week, 5 week or 10 week program. Call (908) 760-6514 or e-mail to schedule. Teams and individual clients of all ages and talent / fitness levels are welcome.