Schools, School Districts, and Corporate Services

Talent Stock has a growing list of Schools, School Districts, and Corporate clients.
The services we can provide individual Schools, entire School Districts, and Corporations
include the following which are all Fully Insured.

  • CPR / AED and First Aid Certification Training: Our Certifications meet All State, Federal, and NJSIAA Requirements. A perfect fit for Coaches, Teachers, Staff, and Administrators.  All certification training includes 2 year CPR / AED and First Aid Certifications to all participants. Adult, Child, and Infant CPR / AED is covered, and the administration of EpiPen is also included during the First Aid segment. 

  • On Site CPR / AED and First Aid Certification Training for Individuals or Groups.

  • Developing and Implementing Emergency Action Plans for Schools and School Districts. 

  • Consulting for New Jersey's Janet Law Compliance for Public and Non Public Schools. 

  • Bleeding Control and Narcan Training for Teachers, Coaches, Staff, and Administrators

  • AED Maintenance Service Contracts

  • In Person or Online Virtual Professional Development Certification Training Avaliable to Schools and School Districts.   

  • Athletic Facilities, Fields, and Fitness Center Management and Maintenance 

                                       Please call or e-mail for pricing and more information. School purchase orders are accepted!